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SPUD Urban Beehive

Our Urban Beehive

Our Urban Beehive Did you know at our Vancouver warehouse we have our very own…

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Superfoods SPUD

The Ultimate Guide to Superfoods

What is a Superfood? Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that are especially beneficial to your health.…

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Ellie Bianca

Meet our Vendors – Ellie Bianca

Meet Evelyne - Found Ellie Bianca Evelyne Nyairo, founder of Ellie Bianca, came to Canada…

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Composting Tips

Composting 101: Tips for Composting at Home

Food Waste Environmental Impact: Did you know that over 50% of the food produced in…

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Home Gardening Tips

Gardening 101 – Home Gardening Tips from an Expert

Home Gardening Tips in Western Canada Our resident gardening expert and Director of Produce Micky, …

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SPUD Food Stash Foundation

Rescuing Surplus Food with Food Stash Foundation

SPUD & Food Stash Foundation:  Food Stash works to save perfectly good food from being composted…

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Meet the Founder of Nature’s Path

Meet Ratana - Founder at Nature's Path Meet Ratana! She is the CEO and co-Founder…

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Sunchoke Recipes

How to Cook with Sunchokes + Recipes

What is a sunchoke? This vegetable, also known as a Jerusalem Artichoke, is not truly…

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Meet our Female Vendors – Zimt

Zimt Zimt creates high-quality plant-based chocolate with the goal to produce as ethically as possible…

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Meet our Female Vendors – Kula Kitchen

Kula Kitchen Kula Kitchen creates ready-to-eat plant-based Afro-Centric meals. Afro-Centric carry flavours of African and…

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Meet our Female Vendors – Tayybeh

Tayybeh Tayybeh is a Vancouver-based social enterprise, caterer, and food processor that was founded to…

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