Here at Spud.ca we love to celebrate our vendors! In honour of International Women’s Day, we are sharing some of our favourite women lead businesses that we have available for you! Meet Emily of Tubify Freezies!  Tubify freezies are not only amazing but are super versatile. Try these kid-friendly mocktails using Tubify Freezies. 

What was your inspiration for starting up Tubify?

My inspiration for Tubify was out of an interest in eating food that was whole as possible. The one constant that I found myself craving and wanting to keep up no matter what diet fads were out there, were smoothies. Especially for those winter months, where it is even more important to get your vitamin fix! Although, I totally get that not everyone has the time to stop and make a smoothie with so much on the go. That was the initial inspiration for Tubify. Smoothies, frozen in a tube, ready to eat! Our Mango, pineapple, coconut flavour was one of the first creations from that idea. 
What is your creative process? How do you decide what to feature/create? 
My creative process is mostly from a gut feeling I think. Which is quite odd considering that I studied neuroscience in grad school; you would think that it would come more from a cerebral perspective. A lot of times when you are onto something like you know you are onto something good, it just flows. How I decide what I put out there depends on what is important and true to myself at the time. I think authenticity and transparency is important when you put a product out there. 

When it came to deciding what flavours to create for tubify I centered it around taste and picking only the best, low processed ingredients. I kept all the fibers from the whole fruit intact, and the juices are not pasteurized so you get all the good vitamins and enzyme benefits of alive foods!


If you could tell yourself one thing before you started your business now, what would it be? 
That I will learn a lot about human nature and other people through this experience and that I will also learn how strong I really am. There will be some really low points but no regrets, and to go for it!
tubify mocha
What do you hope to be instilling in your customers through their purchase of Tubify?
I was nostalgic when looking at creating these organic healthy versions of freezies, I hope people will get that it’s not a tough concept or product to understand: They are fun and delicious, made from the real stuff. I wanted to make it a no-brainer to eat healthier, starting with frozen treats. 
Last but not least, what is your favourite Tubify flavour?
I think the “mocha” flavour made from cold brew coffee with coconut cream is a real hidden gem. 
Emily tubify

Zoey is the social media and content coordinator at SPUD. When she is not at work you can find her making a mess in the kitchen, sipping on coffee and playing board games.

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