Immediately after U.S. President Donald Trump completed his State of the Union address, millions of viewers watched a powerful commercial by Seventh Generation which showed images of youth climate strikers and clips of an old speech by past- U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt calling upon ‘the Greatest Generation’ to gather together to fight for a better future. The commercial ended with a question: “What if we were meant to be the next greatest generation? Climate change is our problem to solve. The solution will be our legacy.”



For Seventh Generation, these statements aren’t just bold words. This Certified B Corp company is changing the world by inspiring a consumer revolution. This week, we wanted to highlight how Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Laundry Liquid Concentrate is transforming business into a force-for-good. 


It Starts with Empowering Customers


Research shows that, on average, women control about 70 percent of household spending (1). What this statistic tells us is that women actually hold a lot of power when it comes to influencing the way that companies do business. In order to effectively influence companies to offer products that reflect a consumer’s values however, the consumer needs to have access to information about the product. This is why Seventh Generation launched the #ComeClean campaign.


The #ComeClean campaign was focused on educating customers about the proposed California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act which would require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients their cleaning products contain to consumers. In October of 2017, the act passed. 


This is one of many reasons why we at love Seventh Generation- because they create impact greater then themselves by enabling customers to be part of the solution. On your Free & Clear Laundry Liquid Concentrate, you will see that the ingredients are natural and plant-based.


Sustainability Grows With Accountability and Transparency


Sustainability is a super easy thing to talk about, but a harder thing to do. To prevent “greenwashing”, meaning the practice of making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product or service, companies can voluntarily have their products or services audited by a third-party and receive certifications that legitimize their sustainability claims (2). 


Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Laundry Liquid Concentrate is clustered with certifications! This product meets the US EPA Safe Product Standards, is not tested on animals, is packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled material, and is made with USDA Certified bio-based ingredients. 



In short, Seventh Generation ensures that their products are the best that they can be. This should be the consumer expectation for all brands- the rule, not the exception.


A Revolution Means The Start of Something New


As its name suggests, Seventh Generation defines sustainability as transforming “the world into a healthy, sustainable & equitable place for the next seven generations”, not just tweaking business-as-usual. 


In order to do this, their sustainability initiatives are constantly evolving. Every year the company comes out with a public sustainability report that highlights the company’s annual progress in “nurturing nature, enhancing health, building community, and transforming commerce”. 


By sharing these public reports, they show consumers and other businesses what is possible while continually raising the bar for what sustainability leadership looks like. 





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