We at Spud are pretty excited about being a B Corp. We’ve been one for years, and we’ve done a lot to retain this certification! We’d like to share with you what it means and what its all about, so that you can love it just as much as we do!


What is a B Corporation?


The B in B Corporation stands for ‘benefit’ and that’s exactly what B Corps are certified to do. B Corporations are using the power of business to do good things for both people and the planet. The certification is such a powerful tool because it is run by an independent 3rd party known as the B Lab. This ensures that when you see the B Corp certification displayed by a company you can trust that they have gone through an extensive audit to prove the benefits that they are bringing to the world.

For Spud, our benefits come in the form of our efficient delivery model, our use of reusable packaging, our commitment to sourcing local and supporting local businesses.


How do you get B Corp Certified?


To become a certified B Corporation is no simple task. It requires you to undertake a 300+ question assessment that is not only time consuming, but also asks tough questions about your business model. In addition, a company’s articles of incorporation must be amended to say specifically that the purpose of the organization is to benefit people and the planet, not just shareholders. This makes the certification no simple task, and reserved only to a handful of businesses that are truly committed to sustainability. The questions on the assessment range from simply calculating your carbon emissions and creating a reduction plan, all the way to how many of your suppliers are owned by people in low-income areas.

All B Corps are graded on a 200 point scale, with a minimum of 80 points needed just to achieve certification. The folks at the B lab then rank all of the certified B Corps based on their score on the yearly award list called “Best FOR the World”. It is a friendly competition with the sole purpose being that we all work to increase our positive impact in the world. Currently, there are just over 3,500 certified B Corps worldwide, and we are proud to be a part of this awesome group of conscious companies.


Help support B Corps 


We need to help get the word out about how awesome all of these B Corporations are! These are companies that have written into their legal DNA that they want to help people in their local communities as well as the planet at large. We think that is a pretty powerful statement! To help you support these amazing brands, we’ve put a list together of all the B Corp brands we carry. Check them out here!



We encourage any business, anywhere, that is looking to increase their impact to check out the B Assessment and start the process. We are sure happy that we did!


SPUD has been delivering local and organic groceries in Vancouver and the lower mainland for the past 20 years, and now services Vancouver Island, Calgary, and Edmonton as well!

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