One evening a homeless woman asked me for change. I asked her what she was going to spend the money on, in no way at all did she have to tell me, the money was hers regardless. She said, well truthfully ma’am I would like to buy some booze but I need to buy some tampons. That hit me in the face like a brick. I went to my car grabbed my emergency stash of tampons from the car and gave them to her and told her to enjoy her drink. Who am I to judge? That’s what I would likely spend my money on…”.

These are the reflections of Scarlet Bjornson, Founder of No Woman Without. No Woman Without is a non-profit charity dedicated to collecting feminine hygiene products for women in crisis. 

Did you know that approximately 70,000 tampons are needed by women in crisis across Canada every month? Despite this huge demand, many shelters state that tampons, pads, or menstrual cups are overlooked donation items that they are constantly in need of. 

This February, is teaming up with No Woman Without and with our Blush Lane stores in Alberta to help with this worthy cause!


We Need Your Help


(1) When you buy any Organyc product this month, we will donate 25% of the proceeds to No Woman Without.



(2) If you have any unopened feminine hygiene products that you wish to donate, please leave them in your Spud bin, or, if you live in Calgary or Edmonton, please bring them into your closest Blush Lane Organic Market and we will donate them to local women’s shelters!



Who Are We Helping


Some of the shelters that these donations will be going to include the Atira Women’s Resource Society, the Bloom Group, and the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.

Last year the community, in partnership with No Woman Without, ended up collecting 95,000 units, a number that was 12 times more than the original goal! This year, we want to create an even bigger impact. 


Thank you in advance for helping us support women in our community!


Want to read more? Check out this article in the Daily Hive:

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