Meet our Vendors: Catherine and Afaf from Whisked Away Cookies

Meet Catherine and Afaf:

Meet the mother-daughter duo that are the brains behind Whisked Away cookies! Catherine and her mom Afaf started the business almost three years ago, when Catherine had just graduated with a Hospitality degree and her mom had recently finished her Patisserie course at the Cordon Bleu. They wanted to open a chocolatier business. They decided on the name, and packaging, registered the company, and were almost set, but then decided, last minute that they needed more work experience. So Catherine took a year contract in the U.S. Once she came back, she felt ready and excited to bring Whisked Away back, with the encouragement of their entire family. However, they realized there are so many amazing chocolatiers in the city and decided to pivot. They still wanted to offer high-quality chocolates and desserts, but wanted to make it more approachable and unique… and that’s when their 48-hour ganache-filled cookies were born. Their aim was always to elevate the cookie experience by using very high-quality ingredients, offering unique flavors, and ensuring every cookie tastes as delicious as the next.  

Catherine and Afaf founders of Whisked Away Cookies

Meet Afaf:

A proud mother of three and head-chef behind Whisked Away Cookies! Afaf’s love for baking started at her childhood home in Sudan. After her career as a physician, she decided to pursue her passion for baking! Every single recipe behind our amazing cookies is a labor of love crafted by Afaf herself. She has been baking for 20 years now, and used all this experience to create the perfect cookie recipe!

Meet Catherine:

CEO, wearer-of-many-hats, and the driving force behind the delectable creations at Whisked Away. She has a background in hospitality and spent many years exploring different parts of the world, including calling 5 different countries home!

“With every batch we bake, we pour our hearts into creating cookies that embody the essence of delightful moments. Thank you for joining us on this sweet adventure – we can’t wait to share the joy of Whisked Away with you!”

Whisked Away Cookies:

Every Whisked Away cookie is crafted by hand from premium ingredients in Vancouver,made from a recipe that took almost 20 years to perfect! There are countless delicious flavours including indulgent vegan options!

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