Local Vendor Feature: Blender Bites

About Blender Bites: 

What started out as a savvy kitchen hack, Chelsie (Founder of Blender Bites), realized how much time she was wasting on her morning smoothie routine. She felt guilty for throwing away kale that had gone bad in the fridge and grew frustrated with having a freezer full of plastic-wrapped frozen fruits. She wanted a solution that would simplify her daily smoothie while offering the healthy ingredients she wanted. After making pre-prepared, frozen smoothies that she could make in one simple step, her colleagues and manages took notice and encouraged her to share her innovation. From there, the Blender Bites 1-Step Smoothie was born! Chelsie embarked on a mission to create a product that would offer her customers 100% organic, nutritious and detoxifying ingredients in an easy-to-use, pre-portioned format, without the use of any unnecessary inner plastic packaging.

blender bites founderClean ingredients: 

Blender Bites uses 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients in all of our products. Each smoothie is naturally high in vitamins and minerals derived solely from organic fruits & vegetables – which makes them more easily absorbed by the body. Our smoothies are also free of any sweeteners, artificial flavors, and colours and taste delicious blended with water, it’s really that simple!


We take great care in minimizing waste – Blender Bites was created with the purpose of reducing at-home food waste and are proud to have created a pre-portioned smoothie puck that uses no inner plastic molds. We also source 100% organic, upcycled fruits and vegetables. 


We believe less is more. Our job is to take away the mess, prep and waste out of your daily smoothie routine and save you time for things that matter most in your life. 


We choose all our ingredients with purpose and intention. That means creating formulas that feed the mind, body, and soul. 

blender bites

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