Fried Garlic Chips Are Life Changing! A Recipe From Nourish Cooking School

This week Chef Dan from Nourish Cooking School makes Dill and Lemon Chard Pasta. This is his family’s go-to weeknight dinner. The Dill and Lemon chard pasta is sweet, salt, and filled with nutrient-dense swiss chard and crunchy green beans. Topped with dill, lemon and capers. yum! ⁣Make it tonight and get the full recipe on the Nourish Cooking school blog.

Chef Dan says “Chard is a superfood and we love it. If you haven’t had it before it’s about time you start adding it to your ingredient list. Just a small serving of cooked Swiss chard covers your daily need for vitamins A and K and nearly fulfills the recommended daily intake for vitamin C. Swiss chard is a good source of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and vitamin E. Dark leafy greens is something that everyone needs more of.” 

Let’s get cooking!



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