The word “hummus” is translated from the Arabic word meaning “chickpeas,” which is the main ingredient that is used to make this insanely popular dip. It’s no surprise, as it is one of the tastiest and healthiest dips on the market. Whether I’m eating carrots, celery, or tortillas chips, I always end up reaching for this dip at the supermarket amongst the wide display of dip options.

But there’s even more to chickpeas than just its delectable taste and health benefits. Did you know that chickpeas are part of a food group called pulses, promoted by the United Nations as the food that can feed the world and save the planet? That’s a whole lot more reason to incorporate this creamy, aromatic condiment into your meals. It’s we stop limiting hummus to just being a dip.

Ways to use hummus as more than just a dip.

1. Devilled Eggs

You already know how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg. Why not take it up a notch and make hummus devilled eggs? Mix your egg yolks with hummus and some olive oil. Forget the mayonnaise. This protein-rich combination is much better.

2. Scrambled Eggs

One more egg-and-hummus fusion because what’s breakfast without eggs? Take a generous dollop of hummus and whisk well into your scrambled eggs before cooking. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper. So delicious.

3. Bread Spread

Seriously, why should mayonnaise get to be spread around like a star while the rest of the spreads try so hard to get picked? People like hummus just as much as mayonnaise, if not more. We should totally just ditch mayonnaise! Okay, enough Mean Girls reference. But the nutty, creamy taste really does go splendidly in a sandwich. Add some cucumbers, roasted red peppers, and you’ll have a light, healthy, and refreshing meal.



4. Salad Dressing

If you’re making a salad with dark greens like spinach, kale, or arugula, the intense nutty and garlicky taste of hummus will stand up well with the contrasting bitter taste. Mix the dip well with olive oil and water to make it more fluid. Squeeze lime juice and sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

5. Soup

Yep, you read that right: hummus in soup. Whether it’s a vegetable soup or a mushroom soup, skip the high content of saturated fat in cream, and use this chickpea paste instead to thicken your soup instead. You’ll be rewarded with an ultra delicious rich and creamy concoction.

6. Pizza Sauce

You’re already putting hummus on bread, so why not take the extra step and make a delicious pizza sauce? Generously coat some pita bread with hummus, and top off with tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and olives. Take it into the oven and anxiously wait for the crust turns golden as the aroma fills the room.

7. Pasta Sauce

There are a lot of versions of pasta sauce you can make with this incredible paste. For light Mediterranean-style pasta, take the dip and dilute it with olive oil, lemon juice, and a little bit of water. This will make it much easier to toss the pasta. The garlicky flavour of hummus pairs extraordinarily well with ingredients like cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, and peppers.

If you’re a bigger fan of creamier, rich sauces like alfredo sauce, whisk together Greek yoghourt, hummus, and some cheese. It’s super easy, delicious, and also a lot healthier than its original counterpart.

Hummus is undoubtedly amongst my favourite foods of all time. Are you surprised by its versatility? Share with us some of your favourite recipes! What ingredient do you most often substitute with this delectable spread?



7 New Ways to Eat Hummus - It's more than just a dip!

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