How to Build a Snackle Box

What is a snackle box?

A snackle box is the ultimate snack box, created in an old tackle box, bento box, or even a craft organizer. We found lots of options online or at the dollar store. Fill them with your favourite snacks for a picnic or road trip. These are also great for keeping kids entertained on long car or plane rides.

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How to build a snackle box?

We like to use the same principles as Registered Dietitian Sarah Remmer, uses when packing lunches when packing a snackle box. Including some fruits and vegetables, some grains, some protein-rich foods, and of course some fun foods! 

Check out some of our favourite nut-free snacks

Fun Snacks

The most important part of the snackle box – fun! This will not only keep kids entertained on long journeys but is a great way to try new foods. Offering sweets at the same time as other snacks is also a great way to foster a healthy relationship with food. Some of our favourite fun snacks:

The Snackle Box

Protein and Grains:

Some of our favourite portable snacks are great for keeping us full on long journeys!


snackle box ideas

Fruit and Veg:

To add some freshness, crunch and nutrition to your snackle box! Add your kid’s favourite fruit and vegetables, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers or mini carrots are great! Alternativley, these dried fruit options, and veggie chips keep on long journeys. 


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