REVIEW and RECIPE: Creamy Holiday Coffee

Recently, there’s been much hype and discussion around the latest trend in coffee – butter coffee, also called ‘bulletproof coffee’ or ‘fat black,’ has many divided. Some say it helps with weight loss, while boosting energy and mental alertness. Others say it’s a fad that’s encouraging people to gulp down large amounts of calories, disproportionate to the benefits.

Brewing up her own blend, Spud Victoria ambassador Ellie Shortt gave the growing trend a try, pairing it with a special seasonal coffee blend, creating a creamy, decadent drink.

Level Ground Trading Ltd. works to increase equity and communication between producers in developing countries and North American consumers, making this seasonal blend an ethical and delicious option this holiday season.

Review: Level Ground Trading Seasonal Special – Winter Harvest Coffee

$10.99 (reg. price) for 300 g

Available at: Spud Victoria and Spud Calgary. While not all Spud markets carry this particular blend, other blends of Level Ground Coffee are also available at Spud Vancouver.

Reviewed by: Ellie Shortt

I first had my fiancé try it, who is a self-proclaimed coffee buff (and addict…my words, not his) – I’m not a huge coffee drinker and his palette is a tad more refined.

His first reaction was that the coffee was a bit tart for his taste. I agreed, but still found it quite pleasant overall. With this in mind, I knew the perfect thing to take this so-so cup to next-level awesomeness. I added grass-fed organic butter, coconut oil and vanilla, and blended it up for about 20 seconds (I used my Magic Bullet) for a frothy and flavourful finish. These creamy additions have become rather popular as of late. Not only do they provide a smooth and satiating somethin’-somethin,’ but the fatty acids in the butter and coconut oil allow for the caffeine to be absorbed a tad slower, making for a more stable rise and fall of energy and blood sugar. Thus the effects of the caffeine are prolonged and the inevitable coffee crash is softened.

I would recommend this blend for anyone looking for an ethical and seasonal cup-a-Joe during the holiday rush, especially lovers of strong, dark coffee. For those looking for something a little milder (and richer!), I would definitely suggest blending it with the butter, coconut oil, and vanilla for a truly unique holiday brew.

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