Know your Dumplings

Korean cuisine has been refined over its 5000 year history and embodies the life and philosophy of Korean people. Bibigo is a Korean brand that represents the best of Korean cuisine. Through Bibigo, we are given a glimpse of Korea’s culinary world, a healthy food culture perfected by the harmony of its people and nature.


Dumplings – For good fortune

Historically, dumplings are eaten on New Year’s Day as a token of good luck and wealth for the year to come.

I personally like eating them when I am short on time as they are a quick and delicious way of getting a healthy, warm and relaxing meal in.


Bibigo Mini Wontons & Dumplings – 22% Off

Bibigo Mini Wontons and Dumplings are made the Korean way with fresh ingredients in delicate, thin wrappers and filled with savory mixtures of vegetables and meat with no artificial flavors.



Dumplings around the world


Image: Eliza Stein Design


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