I eat a bowl almost everyday. No, not literally. A nourish bowl, bliss bowl…whatever you call them. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, these bowls are an assortment of ingredients, usually in the format of: a grainy base, veggies, greens, a protein and dressing of some sort. But there are no ‘Bowl Police’ out to tell you what you can and can’t put into your bowl. At least, I’ve never run into them. So go nuts – figuratively and literally.


Bowls are especially great for meal planning. Usually on a Sunday, I’ll roast a big batch of veggies, cook a grain, and maybe prep other things like some stir fried tofu and a homemade dressing. I store them all separately in the fridge and combine them in bowls (and other meals – like as pizza toppings!) throughout the week. It makes eating healthy and affordably a lot easier!


This zesty rice makes a great addition to your meal prep for bulking up your bowls. While turmeric is full of nutritional benefits, my motivator for using it is more superficial: it makes an awesome natural food dye! There’s something very satisfying about looking at a rainbow of food in your bowl.


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Broth or water

1 Lemon (juice + zest)

1 tsp Turmeric powder

Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Pick your rice. I generally use brown rice or a rice mixture.

2. Use your rice package instructions to determine the amount of dry rice and broth/water you should use to make 4 cups of cooked rice.

3. Zest your lemon.

4. Combine the lemon zest, salt, pepper, turmeric, broth, and rice in a pot – follow package instructions for cooking.

5. Once the rice has cooked, add in fresh lemon juice.


These are the basic instructions, but feel free to add other ingredients to flavour the rice to suit your taste. Sometimes I like to add garlic and rosemary, or caramelized onions and bay leaves while the rice is cooking.


Not into rice? No biggie, add lemon and turmeric to any other grain!


Not into grains? Also not a problem, add turmeric and lemon to cauliflower ‘rice’.


Not into any of this? What are you still doing here?


What do you like to add to your bowls?


Lemon rice - a delicious and colorful base for nourish bowls!

When Fiona's not spending her time as a social media and content coordinator at SPUD.ca, you can find her playing with her kitten, tending to many house plants, or messing around in the kitchen creating new plant-based recipes for her blog, Plantily.com

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