Rescued Banana Smoothie

Rescued Banana Smoothie Recipe

For the month of January, Spud is launching a fundraiser for the Food Stash Foundation, an organization that reduces the environmental impact of food waste and helps feed those facing food insecurity. This organization keeps good, surplus food from going to waste and deliver it where it’s needed. Check out this Banana Smoothie Recipe and the DIY Apple Pie, both recipes allow you to fight food waste, with all proceeds from the sale of imperfect fruit in the Lower Mainland purchased being donated to the Food Stash Foundation. Lots of suggestions for extra ingredients on the shopping list too!

You can include almost any fruit in a banana smoothie, especially rescued and imperfect fruit and help our planet by fighting waste! Spud has imperfect fruit and vegetables that are wallet-friendly too. We are launching Rescued Recipes to inspire you to use your imperfect, rescued fruit and vegetables and we would love to hear your suggestions too. Send your Rescued Recipes to Try freezing your bananas and omitting the yogurt so you can serve banana ice cream for dinner! Below are some suggestions for the best rescued smoothie moment.

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Rescued Banana Smoothie

Check out our post on Rescued Apples.

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Rescued Banana Smoothie

Rescued Recipes – Smoothies


Smoothies are so versatile, you can play with these amounts any way you like and it will still turn out great. Don’t forget to freeze your rescued bananas!


Units Scale

23 Rescued Bananas

2 cups of yoghurt

1 Dollop of honey

1 cup of berries


Blend in mixer or with hand mixer until smooth, enjoy!


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