5 Creative Ways to Ugrade Frozen Croissant Dough

Raspberry Chocolate Croissants

Unravel your croissant dough and add in chocolate chips and fresh raspberries before baking for a gooey and decadent chocolate raspberry croissant.

chocolate raspberry croissant

Baked Brie Roll-Ups

The ultimate appetizer turned into individual roll-ups! Before baking, Add fresh brie and a savoury preserve of your choice. We love this red pepper jelly!

viral crispy croissant

Leftover Croissant Bake

Can’t eat all your croissants in one go? Use your leftovers to make croissant bread pudding to keep them fresh and exciting. All you need is some milk, sugar, and eggs.

French toast bakeEasy Homemade Almond Croissants

You can turn your regular croissant dough into almond croissants with just a few simple ingredients. Use butter, almond flour, eggs, and sugar to make the almond filling with this easy recipe.

homemade almond croissant

Viral Crispy Croissants

It seems like a shame to flatten a perfectly flakey croissant, but we promise it’s worth it! Use a rolling pin to flatten your croissant, fry in a pan with honey or maple syrup, and flatten with a heavy pan. Trust us you won’t regret it! Then top it with whatever you would like! Try sweet with ice cream or whipped cream, or savoury with burrata and prosciutto.

Savoury Croissants

You can never go wrong with a croissant-wich. Stuff your fresh baked croissants with your favourite combo – we love these ones:

  • Pesto + tomato + goat cheese
  • Ham + gruyere 
  • Egg + bacon + sharp cheddar

savoury croissant

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