Meet Mithalee, The Woman Behind Shorba Bone Broth 

What does it mean to celebrate diversity and non-Western culture in our local food system? Mithalee’s mission behind her company and product, Shorba Bone Broth, answers this question spot on. This week, we wanted to share the story behind her products to highlight why her bone broth is unlike anything else you’ll find. 


What Is Shorba Bone Broth? 

Shorba Bone Broth is a Vancouver-based frozen bone broth company offering traditionally made, chef-crafted broths based on the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is loosely defined as a medicinal system from India that emphasizes healthy living and herbal remedies to support general wellness.  

Mithalee worked as a chef for many years, mostly in health-focused restaurants and cafes because of her passion for sustainability and whole food nutrition. Through the years, she noticed many health fads come and go, including a growing trend for bone brothWhile she was fully supportive of this since she knew its benefits were backed by the 5000-year-old holistic science of Ayurveda, she noticed one thing that she didn’t agree with. These new bone broth products were being marketed to those with gut health issues, but were being made with onions and garlic– a Western way of making soup. 

Mithalee shared with us: “Ayurveda teaches that onions and garlic are actually gut irritants, so I began making broth with anti-inflammatory spices instead and wanted to offer this medicine to those looking to heal. I also felt it was valuable for someone with cultural roots to this medicine to represent it in the market.” 


The Perks 

Shorba Bone Broth is loaded with nutritional benefits thanks to all the sustainably-sourced ingredients. For example, her chicken broth contains double the protein than other brands, on average!  

The bones are sourced from five B.C. farms, all containing high standards of practice, such as pastured beef and free-range chicken, while some of which are certified organic. All the spices are fair-trade or direct trade certified and organic. 


Recommended Recipe from the Creator 

Mithalee says her Shorba Bone Broth is best served “simply by the cup, heated up with some good quality salt!”. 



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