Spud’s fundraising program connects amazing schools and community groups to the resources they need! Since 2015, we have helped over 140 schools, community groups, teams and individuals raise thousands of dollars.


With Spud Fundraising, your supporters can donate 10-25% to your fundraiser simply by doing their grocery shopping. We offer two simple and delicious programs: gift cards and produce boxes. Both are ordered online and emailed or delivered directly to your supporters’ homes for free. Raise the money you need while supporting a local, sustainable business and promoting healthy eating!


Calgary Girls Choir

The Calgary Girls Choir began fundraising in January and raised over $500 for their summer tour to Italy! With hands-on support from their Spud champion, the choir got creative about promoting to their supporters. Their strategy included presenting information to parents at choir practice, handing out fresh apples to choristers at singing workshops and even offering a produce box door prize at a concert!

Emily McNiven, the choir’s fundraising coordinator, said:


“”Our group was looking for a fundraiser that was really easy to run and that offered something we would actually want to buy and thought we’d give Spud a try (who doesn’t need fresh veggies?).  We were so glad we did… Not only did Spud do all of the order processing, payments and tracking of fundraising earned AND deliver to our customers’ doors but they also gave us a ton of support. Thank you Hannah (and the rest of the Spud team)!”


As an experienced fundraising lead, Emily also had some expert tips for future Spud fundraisers:
– Use the resources Spud provides to generate buzz with marketing materials, special launch event, and fresh apple donations.

– Build your fundraising campaign around a specific event or purchase, like a tour or new uniforms. Having a concrete goal helps motivate sellers!

– Use social media, emails or newsletters to post reminders and recipes for inspiration on how to use Spud’s produce.


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