Your Guide to Fall 2020 Apples From Spud’s Produce Director

The apple harvest is here

True, you can buy apples all year, but like most produce, apples are most delicious soon after harvest. Since apples are harvested in the fall, the apple you eat in the summer has been waiting around for a pretty long time. Luckily for us, many apples have a really long shelf life, so they’re still tasty 6 months after harvest. Some apples, however, are not great keepers. That’s why you’ll also see more different apple varieties this time of year than you will in July. While this can be a bit daunting, each different apple has something unique to offer, and with so many types available now, it’s the perfect time to discover your favourite apple. We asked our Director of Produce, Micky, to help us create this fall apple guide. 



What’s your favourite fall apple? Let us know in the comments below!

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