Olive us are excited to announce the newest addition to our line of Be Fresh pantry staples, organic extra virgin olive oil from Greece! This high-quality Greek oil has a simple and elegant flavour profile. It’s rich enough to top vegetables, grilled fish, and meats, incredible in salads, but is still suitable for using as a base in stews, sauces and casseroles. It might just be the perfect everyday organic olive oil!


Where It’s From

The organic olives that go into our extra virgin oil are grown on family farms in the Sparta region of Greece. This region produces some of the finest olive oil on the market today, with the ideal climate for native olive varieties like koroneiki and some of the world’s most talented and experienced cultivators.



How It’s Made

The olive groves blossom and produce fruit through spring and the fruit continues to develop throughout the summer. Beginning in October, the harvest season comes into full swing and peaks in early November for the ripest fruit. Our farmers do not over ripen olives to increase the oil quotient as that would also negatively impact acidity. By harvesting in October and November it allows them to produce a beautiful low acidity oil using simple and natural methods.


One day after harvest, olives are mechanically crushed using a mill, versus refined oil extracted through heat or chemicals – creating a true extra virgin olive oil.


We hope olive you enjoy this delicious oil as much as we do. Add our new Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your next Spud order and transport your taste buds to an olive grove is Sparta!


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