Avocado took a lot of heat a few years ago after Australian real estate mogul Tim Gurner claimed that the reason why millennials can’t afford housing is that they’re buying “$19 smashed avocados and $4 coffees”. When you’re worth almost half a billion, it’s easy to make reckless claims, but any sensible person would know that that’s bonkers and you would need to buy a lot of avocado toasts to afford a cheap apartment in some of the major cities. Seriously, BBC Capital did the math.


Luckily, many people came to avocado’s defense, and justice was restored. The good news is, that we can safely continue to enjoy avocados. It’s not our fault. Besides, they’re delicious and good for you.

Avocado mac and cheese is the newest healthy comfort food.

Just a month ago, a low-calorie avocado mac and cheese by Popsugar took the internet by storm and generated a myriad of mixed reactions. Some people prefer the traditional recipe, and I understand that–for some, it’s meant to be comfort food, not healthy food–but in case you just really love avocados and wanted something healthy, creamy, and still comforting and delicious, we have an excellent avocado mac and cheese recipe you should know by heart.





avocado with mac and cheese


Have you tried avocado mac and cheese? Share with us your thoughts and your favourite recipe!

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