5 Ways To Save Your Food

Sometimes, when you are on a roll in the kitchen, things go wrong, the phone might ring, kids may be crying, or you simply measured incorrectly. Wait, don’t throw it out, you can save your food!  


Here are 5 common events that happen in the kitchen and how you can save your food! 


Over salted food 

If you ever add too much salt to a dish? It happens more than we like to admit, but this can easily be saved.  Simply add sweetness or acid to the dish like a teaspoon of sugar or vinegar. If you are making a soup, add unsalted liquid to dilute the liquid or add a starch like a potato or greens like kale, spinach or swiss chard. When these vegetables are cooked, they naturally absorb the salt. 


Wilted Vegetables 

Do you know you have something in the fridge when you ordered your groceries, but when you go to use it you realize it is completely wilted? Simply bring your fresh produce back to life with a 5-minute bath in ice water, or incorporate any vegetables you would normally eat raw into a cooked dish. Check out this cheat sheet produce shelf life. 



Burnt food 

I have never personally tried this but rumors say if you burnt rice or beans to remove the non-burnt food from the pot, and place it in a new pot and add a damp cloth over top, this will absorb the burnt smell. If there is still too much burn taste, add something sweet or spicy and it will cut the taste down a bit! 


Stale bread 

Okay, I will be the first to admit this is weird, but it works! If you have a full loaf of bread that has gone rock hard stale run it QUICKLY under cool water and wrap in tin foil, place in the oven at 300 for about 20 minutes.  If you have a portion of bread that needs to be revived, drip a few drops of water on the bread and wrap in tinfoil and place it in the oven at 300 for 5 minutes.  Your bread will come back to life. 

Or you can turn them into bread crumbs! 


Over Cooked food: 

Overcooked your meat? Shred-it and add to a sauce, add gravy to your dish or but whatever you do, please do not simmer it into a soup. You will keep cooking it and lose all your flavours. Instead, dice it up and mix it with some mayonnaise, little mustard, some pickles or celery and serve with some toast and enjoy as a sandwich.  Overcooked your vegetables? Purée them into a soup or bisque, or freeze for later.   


save your food


Do you have any tricks to save your food? Let us know on social media! 

Zoey is the social media and content coordinator at SPUD. When she is not at work you can find her making a mess in the kitchen, sipping on coffee and playing board games.

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