Never Throw Out A Piece Of Produce Again With Our Handy “Shelf Life Of Produce” Cheat Sheet

Do you know what the shelf life is for your fruits and veggies?

Yes, it can be a lot to keep track of, but understanding the shelf life of the food you buy is great place to start. We’re learning that a ton of food waste actually happens at home, often in instances where it could have been avoided.

When it comes to produce, it’s often an issue of not being totally clear on the lifespan of certain fruits and veggies, or best practices when it comes to storage. For example, did you know keeping onions and potatoes together is a big no-no? Or that certain foods should stay on the counter-top until they’ve been cut into? Our handy produce cheat sheet explains how long you can expect your produce to stay good for. Print it out, post it on the fridge, and never waste a piece of produce again!

Interested in learning more about how to reduce food waste? Check out our Let’s Not Waste page for more tips and tricks, and info on how to enter the challenge to win some sweet prizes!



Check out this handy guide to produce storage!

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