Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

We’ve all been hit by inflation and are seeing crazy rises in our grocery bills. Here are our top tips for grocery shopping on a budget. Use these to save money on groceries, by shopping smarter and reducing waste!

1. Meal plan

Start by choosing 2-3 recipes for lunch and dinner. For the remainder of the meals, stick to recipes that will use up any leftover ingredients. For example, if you know you will buy a bunch of cilantro for one dinner, search ‘cilantro recipes’ to use up the rest in another! This saves money and food waste. Sticking to a plan with a list ensures not only will you shop efficiently, but also avoid any unnecessary purchases that you might get wandering the aisles. Check out our family-friendly meal plan and grocery list.

meal plan on a budget

2. Shop in season

When produce is readily available and close by, it’s cheaper (also more delicious, and nutritious)! Use the ‘Local’ filter on the left-hand side of Spud when shopping for produce to see what we have in season. 

budget groceries

3. Try imperfect produce

You can get amazing deals on perfectly delicious produce great for soups, smoothies, stir-fries and more! Try this coconut-curried carrot and apple soup!

imperfect produce

4. Start with the sale

Plan your meals around what’s on special this week to save even more! Shop the flyer.

5. Try produce boxes

Our top picks of products are not only the freshest but a week’s worth of produce for a great deal! Our team is able to pick out the freshest produce for the best deal based on what’s available

save money on groceries

6. Have a go-to leftovers formula

Your favourite, stir-fry, pasta, soup, omelets, or pizza you can use up any leftover produce (save money and waste)

7. Swap packaged goods for homemade

Try making your own salad dressing, sauces, pesto and hummus to save packaging waste and money! Try these 7 simple salad dressings and simple homemade hummus!

8. Try plant-based options 

Bulk dry beans and legumes are the cheapest! Cooking legumes such as lentils from scratch works out to about $0.60 per serving! Try this simple lentil bolognese! 

9. Freeze!

Chop and freeze produce that is going off to use next week! Spinach, carrots, squash, broccoli, mushrooms, and pepper can all be frozen! 

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