Family Friendly Meal Plan

After a busy summer, it can be hard to get back into a routine. Spud is here to make it simple. Not only can you have organic groceries delivered right to your door, but we’ve made it even easier with this kid-friendly meal plan the whole family will love. Simply shop all the groceries below and follow the recipes linked! Scroll down for ways to prep in advance, substitutions, and how to use your leftovers. All recipes which are not linked have instructions below.

Family Friendly Meal Plan

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

PB&J Oats


Ideas below

Chia Pudding


Ideas below

Lunch Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwiches

Pasta Salad

Nut Butter & Chia Jam Sandwiches Hummus + Roasted Vegetable Wraps Chickpea Salad Sandwiches
Dinner Creamy Tomato Pasta w/ Plant-Based Sausage Butter Tofu Curry Greek Pita Wraps Cashew Mac & Cheese

Pizza Night

Ideas Below

Snack Ideas Frozen Yogurt Bark Extra Vegetables + hummus Crackers + Avocado + Cheese Apples + Nut Butter Ants on a log

All of the ingredients needed for this meal plan can be found on the page linked below:

Customize based on the needs of your family:

Family Friendly Meal Plan Spud

Family Friendly Meal Plan Spud

Prep Ahead of Time:

To make things a little simpler during the week, you can prep these recipes ahead of time for speedy weekday meals!

  1. Chia Jam: All the flavour of jam with less sugar and added healthy fats! Use any frozen or fresh berries and add maple syrup for a touch of sweetness! Use for peanut butter sandwiches, PB&J Oats, Toast and Chia Pudding.
  2. Chickpea Salad: This tastes even better after sitting for a night in the fridge and can last all week for lunches and snacks
  3. Baked Oatmeal Cups: These are great for quick breakfasts to go or snacks in a lunch box

Recipe Notes:

Creamy Tomato Pasta – feel free to sub plant-based sausage for your favorite sausage. Make the cashew cream ahead of time for a speedier dinner!

Butter Tofu – Use unsweetened coconut yogurt or dairy yogurt. Omit Jalapeno to reduce spice for kids! Use pita bread as naan. Stir in spinach at the end for extra nutrition

Mac & Cheese – Make with chickpea pasta for extra protein, serve with roasted broccoli + extra cheese sauce for dipping

Pizza Night – Use leftover canned tomatoes, pizza dough, plant-based sausage, and any vegetables left from the week!

Humus & Vegetable Wraps: Roast extra vegetables and tofu when making greek pita wraps. Add them to bread or pita with hummus for lunch the next day! To make it kid friendly feel free to swap out for raw vegetables and add any other sauces like mustard, pickles or mayo!

Pasta Salad: Make it kid-friendly by adding a spoon of mayonnaise to the dressing, this will make it milder! Add any leftover herbs or vegetables to taste. Try adding chickpeas for an extra boost of nutrition.

Nut Butter Chia Jam Sandwiches – Swap out a nut-free seed butter such as pumpkin seed or Wow Butter for school safe lunches!

Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwiches – Serve these on a bagel, bread or pita. We love Spread ‘Em Cashew Based Cream Cheeze, but feel free to use your favourite! Add tomatoes or spinach for extra nutrition. 

Smoothies: Use leftover spinach, banana, berries, chia seeds and nut butter

Oatmeal: Add pre-made chia jam and flax!

Toast: try the combos below

Avocado + Lemon + Cilantro/Basil

Peanut Butter + Chia Jam

Spread’Em Cream Cheese + cucumber or tomato

Leftover hummus + tomato + Basil

kid friendly peanut butter chia jam sandwhich

How to use up Leftover Ingredients:

Herbs: try a mixed herb pesto

Yogurt: frozen yogurt bark with any leftover berries!

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