Eating fresh, organic foods like plump tomatoes, walnuts, and avocados can work wonders on creating a clear, glowing complexion. However, there are many vitamins and minerals present in seafood that can be hard to find in other foods, making them an important consideration when cultivating healthy skin!


Wild Or Closed-Containment Farmed Salmon


Salmon is well known for its rich amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to clear acne, reduce dandruff, and leave your skin supple and moisturized. Salmon is also a great source of selenium, a mineral that protects skin from sun exposure. As an added bonus, salmon is filled with vitamin D, which keeps our bones strong and healthy. Try marinating with some soya sauce and honey, then BBQ-ing for a sweet and salty summer treat.

Open-net farmed salmon is a harmful aquaculture practice as the farm waste, chemicals, disease, and parasites are released directly into the surrounding waters, harming other marine life. To support healthy aquaculture systems, opt for wild or closed-containment farmed salmon, or look for the Ocean Wise logo.



Farmed Oysters


While oysters have natural antioxidant properties, they are most well known as massive hubs for zinc intake. Zinc is a major player in skin repair, and helps to create collagen which provides structural support in skin. Zinc also provides us with stronger nails, healthy hair and scalps, and helps protect our eyes from vision problems. If you’ve got the means to safely shuck your own oysters (be careful!), try slurping them right off of the half shell! Many people enjoy pairing them with lemon wedges, freshly grated horseradish, and tabasco sauce.

Oysters can be produced sustainably, as long as they are farmed in a suspended culture system. In Canada, we can find local oysters farmed on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.




Sardines are typically low-cost, and packed with flavour and nutrition, especially for your skin. These little guys pack in more omega-3 than salmon per gram, while also providing healthy amounts of vitamin B-12, calcium and iron. B-12 can soothe itchy eczema, while iron can help ward off hair loss. Try tossing some sardines into a pasta with some fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.

Buying sardines that are ‘purse seine caught’ along the Canadian or US Pacific Coast are the best options, as this method is associated with very little by-catch.




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