Everyone’s favorite vinegar: Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar can cause a lot of confusion  due to the fluctuation in price. On grocery shelves you will find $3.00 bottles next to $25.00 bottles, the $3.00 often times looking a bit fancier than its more expensive neighbor. But, don’t be fooled, not all balsamic vinegars are what they appear to be.

Lower quality balsamic vinegars have brown sugar or caramel added to them to mimic the sweetness of the better-quality ones, hence not respecting traditional production methods.


So what exactly is balsamic vinegar? 

Balsamic vinegar is a reduction made from grapes. As the grape juice used is unfermented, it is not considered a wine vinegar.


Famiglia Dodi (10 Year Balsamic), 250ml  $34.99 / $24.99

This balsamic vinegar dressing more than any other represents the history of the Dodi family. It is made from the unique, secret recipe handed down by grandmother Carmelina and aged for 10 years in fine wooden casks lovingly and skillfully tended by Dano Dodi, who today still holds some of the original old casks that belonged to grandmother Carmelina.

A unique flavor, but easy to use, simple and precious, like the things of long ago. Perfect at any time of day and in any occasion, it is fantastic for every type of combination, from simple everyday dressing to the most elaborate food preparation.

Ideally used raw to flavor salads, as a dip for raw vegetables or with boiled meats and sauces. It delicately flavors fish and meat. A plain boiled fish flavored with a few drops becomes a refined delight. A unique accent for fruit salads, ice cream (Yes, ice cream! Balsamic reduction is most suitable), custards and zabaioni.

Produced in Reggio Emilia from Acetaia Dodi and considered one of the best balsamic vinegar condiments produced in Italy.[i]



[i] www.olioandolive.com

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