Eggs are super versatile and they can serve many functions in baking – from leavening, to adding moisture, and/or binding. But what if you want to avoid eating eggs? Well, there are some eggcellent alternatives you can turn to!


The measurements below are a replacement for 1 egg. Multiply the portion for however many eggs your recipe requires.


How to Replace One Egg in Baking

1. 1 Mashed Banana (~½ cup)

Uses: Moisture


  • You will want to use a ripe banana
  • Keep in mind that banana will add a significant amount of flavour and sugar to your recipe
  • Works well in cookies and muffins


3 Tbsp Aquafaba

Uses: Egg White Replacement


  • Aquafaba is bean juice (Yep, find out more!)
  • Works well for replacing egg whites in recipes for meringues, mousses, and mayo.
  • Fairly neutral taste


¼ Cup Soft Tofu (puréed)

Uses: Moisture


  • Fairly neutral flavour
  • Keep in mind that it can make baked goods more dense


1 Tbsp  Ground Flax/Chia Seeds + 3 Tbsp Water

Uses: Binder


  • Chia and flax seeds are pretty much interchangeable in how they perform
  • Brown flax can have a slightly stronger flavour than golden flax or chia seeds




1 Tsp Baking Soda + 1 Tbsp Vinegar

Uses: Leavening


  • Creates fluffier baked goods


1 Tbsp vegetable oil + 2 Tbsp Baking Powder + 2 Tbsp Water

Uses: Leavening + Moisture


  • It’s a great alternative to the previous replacement, when you want a touch more moisture


Premade Egg Replacer

Uses: A wide variety – may depend on the brand


  • The exact notes for how to use your egg replacer will be found on the package
  • These sometimes have black salt added, which can help give a sulphuric ‘eggy’ taste


1/4 Cup Oil

Uses: Moisture


  • This option is best for recipes that only call for 1 egg, otherwise it may turn out too oily
  • Using a neutral flavoured oil is best. Try avocado oil.


¼ cup Applesauce

Uses: Moisture


  • Apple sauce is commonly used to replace oil in baked goods, but it can also replace eggs when they are used for moisture
  • Mild taste, but it will add sweetness to your recipe


These are some of the ways that we like to replace eggs in baking, but we’re also down to try out other egg replacements, like a good tofu scramble!


Have you tried any different vegan egg substitutes? Let us know!

Vegan Hacks: 9 ways to substitute eggs in baking


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