5 Sugar-Free Back To School Snacks Your Kids Will Love

The more you look, the easier it becomes to find. Added sugar seems to be in everything we eat and drink, and finding something without it is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, at Spud we have much gold. Specifically in the form of kid-friendly, sugar-free snacks that you don’t have to make yourself to ensure that they’re healthy since we already have strict guidelines about what we sell, making sure our foods don’t contain any of our banned ingredients.

1. SeaSnax Seaweed Grab & Go Classic

Using no artificial colours and flavours, and skipping on the preservatives, SeaSnax created a tasty favourite. This 15-calorie pick-me-up features a light crunch and just enough sea salt to be a great substitute for potato chips. Try adding this snack in addition to fruits and veggies as a post-lunch treat.


2. Plum.m.Good Organic Rice Thins

I discovered rice thins when I was in grade 6 when my friend brought them with his packed lunch. I remember running home and asking my mom to run out to the store and get them for me, and her being the best mom in the world, she went out and got ‘em for me. These light, airy snacks have a satisfying crunch and come in a variety of flavours that work well with various toppings too! From avocado spreads to flavourful nut butters, you’ll never run out of combinations to try.  Perfect for a recess snack.




3. Organic Baby Carrots

Is it cheating to add a vegetable to the list? I hope not! Baby carrots are a staple for packed lunches as they’re loaded with vitamin A and fibre, and also contain vitamins C and B-6. Carrots are known for helping improve eyesight due to their high vitamin A content, so make sure you’re adding this incredibly important veggie to your shopping cart next time! Pro tip: try dipping carrots in some hummus or pesto for an extra flavour boost! 


4. Veggie-Go’s Organic Mountain Berry Spinach Fruit & Veggie Strips

Naturally sweet and incredibly healthy, these will surely have your kids asking for more (and you’ll probably be hooked after having a bite for yourself). Your kids will fall in love with the sweet fruit flavours while their bodies will reap all the benefits of the hidden greens. Surely the best option for getting your picky eaters to enjoy their share of spinach.


5. Neal Brothers Organic Baked Cheese Puffs

Everything in moderation, right? I used to love cheese puffs when I was growing up. I got to pack a handful into a small container as a small treat after lunch. The loud crunch, the orange finger tips, and the cheesy goodness were a real delight. Of course, this isn’t an everyday snack, but if your kids are being well behaved, Neal Brothers Organic Baked Cheese Puffs make for a healthier, tastier substitute for other common cheese puffs.

Ps. if you’re into a vegan snack – check out Vegan Rob’s puffed snacks instead. 


What are some sugar-free snacks your kids love? Let us know in the comments below!



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