New Health Studies Suggest Link Between Vitamin D and Levels of Vulnerability to COVID-19

As this health pandemic follows us into the summer, the sunny season may offer us a better defense against the coronavirus.  

Two recent studies that reviewed data from various countries around the world, suggest that there is a negative correlation between vitamin D and COVID-19 cases. What this means is that there is evidence emerging that an increase in vitamin D levels decreases the number and severity of COVID-19 cases.  

Although the findings have yet to be supported with further studies and peer-review, thedo stand as a good reminder about the importance of vitamin D in general. This nutrient not only can stimulate immune responses, but it also increases calcium and phosphorous absorption from food which are important for strong bones! 

One important aspect of Vitamin D to keep in mind, is that it is particularly low in aginpopulations. That being said, there are simple solutions to make sure you and your loved ones have sufficient levels of this nutrient. Here are some simple lifestyle tips to get more of it! 

  • – According to Canada’s Food Guide, these foods have good levels of Vitamin D: eggs, fatty fish (salmon, rainbow trout, etc.), unsweetened fortified plant-based beverages (ex. soy milk), and unsweetened, lower fat milk. 
  • – Another great source is the sun!! Try to get outside at least once a day. 
  • – Vitamin D supplements. While these are a guaranteed source of this nutrient, it is best to prioritize going outside and eating vitamin-D rich foods, first. 

If you’ve been stuck inside these past few weeks for whatever the reason may be, we hope this blog encourages you to take a few minutes every day to prioritize self-care and to go outside! Additionallywe hope this will serve as a reminder to reach out to seniors in your life and pass on these recommendations to them. 


Top Supplements Recommended by our Health & Beauty Manager, Jenn: 

  1. 1) Prairie Naturals VITAMIN D3 1000IU 500sg 
  2. 2) Megafood VIT D WELLNESS (100 IU) FRUIT GUM 90ct 
  3. 3) AOR VIT D3 1000IU 50ml 
  4. 4) New Roots VITAMIN D3 30ml 
  5. 5) Botanica ORGANIC VITAMIN D CAPSULES 90caps  

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