Healthy Sodas – Are they worth it?

What makes a healthy soda?

Natural sodas at Spud are made with little to no added sugar, preventing blood sugar spikes that happen when drinking traditional sodas. These sodas have 0-5 grams of sugar compared to the average can which can have 35-40 grams of added sugar. The daily limit is around 25 grams of added sugar daily. This is linked to lowered risk of diabetes and weight loss. 

What is a ‘Gut-friendly’ Soda

Many sodas now have added prebiotics to feed the probiotics in our gut microbiome. This is done by adding the plant fibre inulin, which is found in chicory root, leeks, garlic, and asparagus. Consuming these prebiotic fibres which helps feed probiotics. This is shown to have beneficial effects on inflammation, appetite, and blood sugar levels. Other sodas are made with probiotics which help feed our gut microbiome.

is poppi soda healthyAre Pre-biotic sodas like Poppi Healthy?

Although these sodas are a great alternative to traditional sodas filled with added sugars and artificial flavours, they are not a replacement for a well-balanced diet! The recommended daily fibre intake is between 25-38 grams for adults. One can of soda usually contains 2-5 grams. Therefore while it is a great addition to your daily fibre intake, it should not be the only source.

Our Favourite Healthy Soda’s

Sodas with Prebiotics: Poppi Soda’s, Cove Sodas – flavoured like your favourite traditional pops!

Sodas with Probiotics: Kindred Cultures, Squamish Keifir 

Sodas with Adaptogens: Kite Botanical Infusions – Made with organic tea and adaptogens

Where to Buy Poppi in Canada?

You can buy Poppi’s on Spud, and Blush Lane stores!

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