Summertime and hand-held foods go hand-in-hand like peas in a pod, especially when you’re having an outdoor barbecue. And when we think of hand-held foods, burgers automatically come to mind–who doesn’t love a good burger? But the thing about burgers is that they tend to get messy and aren’t the most convenient for snacking.

That’s where sliders come into the picture. They’re small, perfect for parties, and suitable for outdoor snacking. Perhaps the best part about sliders, however, is that you can make a wide variety, presenting multiple options to satisfy all your cravings and to appeal to all your guests’ diverse palates.

Try these slider recipes to impress your guests!

1. Hot Whisky Barbecue Sliders

This one is for the old-school burger lovers with a twist. A classic beef patty with a lot of kick with the help of whisky and jalapenos! This is the go-to slider for all meat lovers and for those who like a bit of heat with their sliders. Have you ever noticed almost every beverage tastes better after eating something spicy?

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2. Duck Breast Slider with Plum Wine Sauce

Whoever thought barbecue can’t be gourmet is a fool. There’s something about duck breast that just tastes a little more luxurious than your average chicken breast. Drizzle a little homemade fresh plum wine sauce on top, and your guests will definitely be impressed.

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3. Portobello Mushroom Sliders with Caramelized Onions

A mushroom slider is a mushroom slider, and it’s delicious regardless of which mushroom you use–and they all work for this recipe! But the portobello is often referred to as a vegetarian steak, and it is the perfect patty substitute for anyone who prefers a plant-based diet. Top it off with a helping nice caramelized onions (or frizzled onions) to give it more flavour.

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Sliders are easy to make and fun to experiment with, and if you end up with something you don’t love, someone will be there to finish it! Let us know which unique slider recipes you’ve tried, and share with us your favourite recipes!

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