Record Setting Floods in BC and How the Extreme Weather May Impact You

British Columbia is dealing with a “significant atmospheric river,” according to Environment and Climate Change Canada, resulting in copious amounts of rain and record-setting floods that are devastating B.C. communities.  Our thoughts go out to all the families, farmers, businesses and animals affected. 

 As we try to support our employees, their families and yours in the affected areas, Spud is facing very real impacts from the heavy rainfall, and highway closures that will likely affect you in many ways.  

What is happening? 

The complex problem of moving goods from A to B has been made even more complicated by record-breaking rainfall and flooding in B.C. that have washed out rail lines and highways. 

What does this mean for me, and will I get my order? 

For Spud, the heavy rainfall that has resulted in highway closures and mudslides has not only impacted our delivery service but also the receiving of our fresh daily deliveries from farmers and suppliers. This means there may be interruptions to your deliveries and product shortages.  We are working to minimize the impact on product supply, please not that you may temorarily see new brands on site as we support our farmers and suppliers as they recover from the impact of the floods. 

We are currently experiencing delays in many areas, so please check the website for details.

  • We are attempting to deliver backorders to Hope, Chilliwack and Abbotsford on Wednesday, November 24.

  • With Highway 3 closed again we don’t have visibility on the deliveries again to Thompson / Okanagan.

Our Main Concern is Your Wellbeing – Check on Your Family and Your Neighbors 

As the floods are affecting not just transportation of goods but people as well, our most heartfelt wishes of wellbeing go out to these communities. We know that in times like these, getting food deliveries is something people need more than ever, and we are doing everything in our power to get groceries to homes.  

SPUD has been delivering local and organic groceries in Vancouver and the lower mainland for the past 20 years, and now services Vancouver Island, Calgary, and Edmonton as well!

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