Any food that we don’t finish, we store it in a container, pop it in the fridge, and warm it up the next day. That is any food but fish. Understandably so, because who actually wants to be a victim of the reek that’s been churning overnight into something much more potent than what it once was. Your breath stinks, your clothes stink, and your entire kitchen stinks.

But the truth is, fish doesn’t have to be a one-night affair. There are many ways to enjoy that leftover fish without having to endure the rankness.


How should you reheat leftover fish?

Before you scurry onto the list of dishes to help salvage your leftover fish, there is one very important step that you cannot mess up, the step after you take it out of the fridge: reheating.

The trick to reheating is to, well, not reheat–at least not directly and immediately. This means that nuking it in the microwave, pan-searing it, or dropping it in the fryer are all sure-fire ways to render your humble abode uninhabitable.

When you reheat, do it slowly with low heat or combine it with other ingredients to make a new dish. Still not sure what that means? We have some delectable recipe ideas that’ll make you glad that you have leftover fish.


Recipe ideas to use your leftover fish with.

1. Chowder or Stew

Anything that resembles a soup can easily give your overnight fish a makeover. Flavourful soups with spices can help mask the fishiness and help restore some moisture into the meat. I recommend adding your fish to a tomato-based soup like this Baked Spaghetti Squash Tomato Soup. The tartness will complement the fish in a way that you’d never guess it was leftovers.


2. Tacos

I don’t know about you, but fish tacos are my favourite kind of tacos. Though you might be put off by the thought of an overnight fish taco, don’t be. The trick is to heat the fish slowly over low heat, then saute it with some cumin, chilli powder, and garlic. Perhaps even cabbage to make it a nice and warm taco. Then top it off with the buttery elements of an avocado like these Fish Tacos with Avocado. You’ve got your perfect lunch.


3. Tostadas

What goes well with fish? Lime, fresh herbs, and some salsa. Fresh ingredients are the key ingredients to revitalizing your leftover fish. Think of these Black Bean and Salmon Tostadas the next time you’re deciding whether or not to take the remaining fish to-go. You won’t be disappointed.


4. Paella

If tweaking recipes around just to use up some leftovers isn’t your thing, then pick a dish that was traditionally meant for seafood–like paella. Paella is a great choice because it’s so flavourful and filled with so many ingredients that will blend in will with your fish. Don’t be put off by its complexity, though. We have a nice Easy Seafood Paella recipe for you to try.


5. Burgers

Make a pâté, a cake, or pattie, whatever you want to call it. Just pack it down together and throw it in a burger. Sounds like a lazy way to cook, but it works, and it’s delicious. Incorporate some breadcrumbs like this Toasted Sesame Tuna Burger so that it can get nice and crispy. The sesame oil is very aromatic and potent and will help with the fishiness. But don’t forget, heat up your fish slowly.


6. Pasta

And if all else fails, you know what they say–when it doubt, make it a pasta. Okay, they don’t say that, but they should. Pick a cheesy, creamy or pesto-y sauce recipe and throw your leftover fish in it. This pesto-based pasta recipe can just about save your life.


And those are your ways to use up your leftover fish and still make it delicious. Food waste is a huge issue, and we need to do our part by using up every bit of food–even if it can get a bit stinky–as long as it’s still safe to eat.

So did we miss any of your favourite recipes and ways to cook your overnight fish? If you have any tips and tricks, we’d love to hear them!


Daniel is a Digital Marketing and Content Strategist at SPUD. He graduated from UBC with a degree in English and International Relations with a focus on environmental topics. A wordsmith by day and a bookman by night, he's a self-proclaimed gastronomic snob, a buck-a-shuck addict, a sub-par skier, and a devoted kingsguard of the oxford comma. He also frequents the dog park with a schnauzer named Duke. | Instagram: @dannnyellow

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