7 Healthy Soup Recipes To Try This Fall

As the mercury plummets, soup consumption rises. An inverse relationship. Sorry for the stats class flashbacks.

Soups are delicious, warming, and they can be soup-er healthy! So healthy that people are using them as a dietary cleanse. Maybe you’ve never heard of souping (it was new to me!). It’s similar to a juice cleanse, but instead of guzzling fresh pressed juices, you’re sipping or spooning up wholesome soups and broths. The guidelines for souping can vary, but they often steer clear of processed foods, animal products, coffee, alcohol, gluten, etc.. Instead they focus on consuming whole foods and lots of nutritious vegetables, in the form of soup. 

You obviously don’t have to start souping to enjoy a warming and healthy bowl of soup. So whether you feel like jumping on the souping bandwagon, or you’re just looking to mix up your soup recipes, give these tasty soups a try:

1. Acorn Squash Apple Soup

Sweet and savoury meet in this smooth soup.

2. Coconut Dill Carrot Soup

Creamy and dill-icious!

3. Kale n’ Chard Soup

Tons of green goodness packed into one tasty soup!


4. Autumn Vegetable Soup

It may be simple, but this soup is bursting with a medley of fall flavours!

5. Creamy Broccoli Soup

A classic turned vegan with creamy coconut milk.

spud soups

6. Cardamom Pea Soup

Often associated with chai tea, cardamom adds an unexpected and delicious twist to this pea soup.


7. Yam Leek Soup

Move over potatoes, yams and leeks steal the show here.


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