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As amazing as it sounds, by “live off” we don’t mean eating exclusively ice cream for the rest of your life. Instead, we’re talking about a Calgary-based gelato shop that has created a company that works for its employees and strengthens the community it works in. This week, we want to celebrate the social impact that Righteous has made and to share a bit about how this contributes to sustainability.


How Righteous creates social impact


For its internal team, Righteous proudly pays all its workers a living wage. What this means is that employees receive an income that meets or exceeds the costs of living in their area. A living wage is an important aspect of sustainable development as it allows families to make healthy choices for themselves and for the planet. Without a sufficient income, workers choices are made for them in terms of how they eat, commute, and spend their time. By making this a defining characteristic of working for Righteous, the company has demonstrated their long term commitment to sustainability- and that’s not even all that the company does!


For the community, Righteous partners with various organizations in order for their ice cream to have an impact greater than their employees and the customers that they serve. One such partnership allows $1 from every feature gelato to provide a meal to someone in need. Last year, they filled 1.4 million pints. That would equate to a lot of meals. 


To top it off, this company is having its social impact evaluated by a third party organization, known as the B Lab. Graded on a 200 point scale on social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, Rightenous’s “impact score” is ranked in the top 20 percent of all B Corps. As a Certified B Corporation, like, this company is verifying that its words and actions truly transform business into a force for good.


Be Part of the Solution


In celebration of B Corp month, we are celebrating the best of the best companies. You can support businesses that are working towards social and environmental sustainability by buying their amazing products- like Righteous’s yummy Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt gelato. Add it to your SPUD order today!




Michelle Austin

Michelle is SPUD's Sustainability Lead. She believes a sustainable food system is the key to creating a environmentally-friendly and just world. You can often find her in the mountains biking, hiking or skiing!

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