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Over the past few days, we have received many calls from customers who are interested in understanding how we handle the food we sell.

We take food safety very seriously. Nothing is more important to us than making sure the food we deliver to you and your family is safe and healthy. 

Our online model actually has significant food safety benefits over a traditional grocery store. Unlike a traditional grocery store, which is an open environment where lots of customers can touch the food before it is ultimately purchased, is not a physical store. 
We operate in a controlled food-grade warehouse (closed environment) meaning we are not open to the public.  The only people touching your food are our trained warehouse staff, and they are wearing nitrile gloves.
Our model has always been based on reducing food waste.  The minimal handling of produce is critical to food waste reduction, because produce quality and shelf life diminishes when multiple people touch each item. At the facilities we have always had the goal of having the fewest possible people handling (no more than two team members handling any non-produce item in our facility and one team member handling produce) your food before the items are sent to you. 
As always we are practicing top of the line sanitation of our bins, gel packs and cooler bags using steam and pressure between 140- 150 degrees fahrenheit with a final rinse with a temperature of 170 degrees fahrenheit.  (In Edmonton, where we use waxed cardboard boxes for delivery, the boxes are thoroughly cleaned with a sanitizing spray).
At, we understand clearly the trust you put in us to provide food to you and your families, so it is very important to us that you understand the policies we have in place to keep you safe. 
We hope this clearly outlines how we operate and provides you with clear information,
Thank you so much for your support 
– Peter Van Stolk, CEO 


  • We have temporarily moved our order deadline forward from 8pm to 3pmAs we are dealing with an unprecedented demand for online groceries, moving our order deadline forward will allow our team the time needed to fulfill your orders as best as we can. Please note that you may see unexpected outages on certain items due to the public health crisis. 
  • Product limits. We will also be imposing per-order limits for certain products to help ensure there is enough stock for everyone.
  • Bin returns. If you have empty bins and packing materials, please ensure they are out for pick up when your SPUD order is delivered. We are running critically low on bins and need them back to keep serving the community.
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