Less Waste is Possible – Tips for a More Sustainable Holiday Season

During the holiday season, the average Canadian family’s waste increases by more than 25%.


The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way – we’ve got solutions for far less waste!

The holidays are a time for cherished traditions and spending time with our nearest and dearest. Unfortunately, with the holiday spirit abound our consumption habits tend to increase

Cutting down on your waste and having a more sustainable season will make your life easier in many ways. It will be less expensive, demands less time, and require less clean-up. All the merriness will still be there, you’ll just be able to focus more energy on the real magic: spending quality time with the people you care about.

Here are three tips for a more sustainable holiday season without giving up any traditions.



Food Scraps

The issue: It’s common knowledge that holidays mean food, and lots of it. But there is something wrong when you’re sliding half of your unfinished meal into the compost.

How to fix it: You don’t need to prepare way more food than needed to be a good host. Be realistic about how much food your guests will eat and make practical use of your leftovers. 


Wrap without waste


Wrapping Paper and Packaging Waste

The issue: A lot of wrapping paper is not recyclable due to its metallic sheen, nor are many kinds of tape.

How to fix it: The magic of unwrapping gifts can be retained by wrapping presents in blankets, old maps, or Bee Kind beeswax wraps. Alternatively, gifting experiences like drum lessons or a day of skiing in place of physical gifts are a wonderful way to give without all the extra waste.


Wrap without waste


Shop For a Zero Waste Lifestyle

The problem: When we leave all of our holiday shopping to the last minute, we panic and head to the department store to get something, anything, just for the sake of having something to give. Whatever we end up choosing often has a short life and will end up in the trash.

How to fix it: Plan in advance and look for gifts that are made to last. With the zero-waste movement becoming increasingly popular, finding reusable items to replace things that have historically been single-use are becoming easier to find. To find some of these eco-friendly products, look no further, you can find them here. They’re gifts that keep on giving, and the people you give them to will be reminded of you every time they put your gift to use.

Other quick tips:

  • – Take reusable shopping bags with you when gift shopping
  • – Opt for reusable batteries for electronics
  • – Send e-cards and online gift certificates

This year, we’re spreading holiday cheer with a sustainability twist. There’s still lots of time to time to prep, get organized, and knock the pants off a great holiday season – without any waste.

Have a great holiday season everyone!

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