Live In An Apartment & Want To Order Spud? No Problem

Spud delivery drivers require access to your front door to drop off your order box, but what about those of us that live in apartment buildings?  It’s actually no problem. There are three delivery options for those living in apartment buildings:


Option 1: Provide delivery drivers with your building entrance key, or fob.

Option 2: Pre-arrange for your concierge (if you have one) to buzz the delivery driver into the building.

Option 3: If you have a friendly neighbour that works from home or is a stay at home parent, have them accept the delivery on your behalf, and pick it up from them once you arrive home.


When our Spud driver gains access to your building, they will leave your bin outside your apartment.  When you return home from school, work, or wherever you are, your produce and other groceries will be waiting for you!



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