Featured Vendor: Hidden Garden Foods

Every week, Spud will be featuring one of our fantastic partners.  This involves some tasty info, photos and a giveaway for twenty Spud customers (see below).


This is the second week of our Featured Vendor series. Today, Spud is spotlighting Hidden Garden Foods, creator of gluten free cookies that actually contain vegetables.  That’s right, your childhood dreams have actually come true.
Hidden Garden Foods are certified gluten free, provide half a serving of vegetables in a single cookie, contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.  Hidden Garden cookies are a treat you can feel good about eating, which is a feeling Spud seriously stands behind.


Don’t Hidden Garden cookies sound delicious? Would you like to try some?


The first 20 customers to comment on this Facebook post will be contacted by private message, and have this week’s item added to their account for free on their next delivery*.  If you aren’t already a fan of Spud Vancouver, please become one!


*Please note: winners must have a Spud account to receive the free item – if you do not have a Spud account, please sign up.  Accounts can only win once per three (3) month period.  Winners have a responsibility to respond to the direct message acknowledging their winning status within 72 hours.  Your free item will be included within your next free delivery day order, the following Sunday through Saturday.


hidden garden cookies


We had a  short interview with Catherine Anderson, the owner of Hidden Garden Foods, and asked her about what gave her inspiration to create her cookies, veggies, and her favourite cookie flavour.


Q: What inspired you to create cookies that have hidden veggie goodness?


A:  I had two little girls who refused to eat vegetables, so I was struggling with ways to hide some vegetables in foods that they liked.  That required a lot of effort and creativity, and I thought that if you could buy a product that did it for you it would be popular. A few months later, Hidden Garden was born!
Q: How did you select the veggies to go in these classic cookie recipes?


A: I wanted to use vegetables that had a good nutritional value and are not one’s that you’re likely already eating a lot of (like carrots). The colour of the vegetable is important too; beets, pumpkin and butternut squash are all great colours that make the cookies look appealing.
Q: Do you have a favourite Hidden Garden cookie?


A:  I really go back and forth between all three of them.  Some days I think I like the Chocolate Chip the best, but then we have a Red Velvet or Ginger Snap baking day and our kitchen smells so good that I remember how much I loves those cookies too.  People are really split evenly between them, so you just have to try all three to decide which is your winner!

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