The Ultimate Guide to Pickling and Canning

As summer comes to an end, we are stocking up on all the delicious summer produce. With the help of a few pickling and canning recipes, we can preserve summer produce through our long, dark Canadian winters. A local and organic summer peach in November? Yes Please!

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How to Can Peaches

All you need to preserve your peaches are some sterile jars, a large pot, water, and a bit of sugar! Grab the full recipe here.

canned peaches

Canned Cherries

canned cherries

Canned Tomatoes

Have fresh tomato sauce all year long with this classic recipe! This is best to do in a big batch with Roma or San Marzano tomatoes.

canned tomatoesQuick Pickles

These are great quick fridge pickles that can be made in just one day. Try red onions, jalapenos, or rhubarb.

pickled onions

Homemade Dill Pickles

A summer classic! Stock up on our bulk local pickling cucumbers to make pickles that will last all year long! PS – they also make great gifts.

homemade dill pickles

Picking Vegetable Scraps

Pickling veggie scraps is a great way to reduce waste! You can pickle beet stems, broccoli stems, and even watermelon rinds!

pickled veg



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