Kids of Spud And Their Favourite Snacks

With summer coming to an end, everyone is gearing up to get back into routine, set up their home offices and stock up on their favourite snacks for learning at home. We asked the children of Spud employees what their all-time favourite snacks are; some that were common picks among all of them were Annies cheddar bunnies, Clif bars and Kiju juice!   

Here are some of the children of Spud’s favourite snacks 


Director of Online Marketing and User ExperienceBiance Byrne, says her kids cannot get enough of Annies and LeAmis mac and cheese Her tip? Add Stahlbush frozen peas to the mac and cheese while it is still warm for some added vegetables in their food.  


Paul McGreevy, Director of Food and Liquor says his kids cannot get enough of Clif bars, especially the chocolate chip ones and their assorted fruits and veggies!  

Paul’s Tip? Paul’s family love to make “Greekza”. They take packs of cut naan bread, sliced cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and feta cheese and a container of tzatziki and put it all together. Sometimes they add roasted chicken and have it for dinner!  The perfect way to get the kids involved in the kitchen, check out other ways to get your kids cooking in the kitchen with these 5 kid friendly recipes.  

The children of our Produce DirectorMicky Tkac love SeaSnax seaweed, apple sauceLove Crunch dark chocolate granola and bars such as Zbars and Made Good bars! 


Arndrea Scott, Direct of Retail Marketing and Creative Strategy, has pre-teens and said they eat a TON of cereal, any cereal is a must stocked item in their household! They also love cheese slices, fruit like banana’s, pretzels and good ol’ hummus! 


Vancouver Purchasing ManagerJeremy Brown said his kids can’t get enough of the Freeyumm double chocolate cookies. While Alberta Produce ManagerKayla Buchanan said her kids love freezies all year long for a nice sweet cold treat on a hot day. A few of their other favourite snacks are, late july cheddar crackerswaffles and veggies and dip!  


What are your kids favourite snacks, are they listed here? Let us know in the comments below.  


Spud's Kids Favourite Snacks

Zoey is the social media and content coordinator at SPUD. When she is not at work you can find her making a mess in the kitchen, sipping on coffee and playing board games.

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