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Meet Jordan from Sriracha Revolver

Sriracha Revolver Hot SauceJordan Hocking is the founder and owner of Sriracha Revolver Hot Sauce, which she started in 2017. Jordan and her children are of Cree heritage, born and living in unceded Coast Salish territory. Sriracha Revolver Hot Sauce is an Indigenous, woman-owned business that is creating space for unique perspectives on food, entrepreneurship, and community. Jordan’s primary goal with her food business is to bring joy with her products and create inspiration for the chef at home. Jordan is passionate about bringing natural ingredients from around the world together to create something new.

All of Jordan’s hot sauce recipes were created through her own personal experience or a desire to create something that did not exist anywhere else. Creating joy from something so simple can also have a big community impact. Jordan and her hot sauce coordinate with retail partners and customers to create fundraising opportunities in support of the Indigenous community.

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