“Ain’t No Thing But a Dumpling”

Unique, creative and courageous, these are just a handful of words that describe local Edmonton company, Honest Dumplings. 

If you like to have fun with your food, if you like real food made from real ingredients, and if you like food that is packed with flavour, then chances are you’ll love Honest Dumplings. 


The Honest Dumpling Story

Honest Dumplings was founded in 2014 by Ray Ma, and her husband Chris, but that’s not where the Honest Dumpling story really starts. To get there we’ll have to re-wind a little… Ray Ma originally moved to Canada from China to study law. One day Ray realized that pursuing a career as a lawyer was no longer fulfilling her dreams and passions, so she decided to quit her job, take a leap of faith and start Honest Dumplings. Before starting Honest Dumplings, Ray often made dumplings for her family and friends. Many of the flavours they now make pay homage to Ray’s Chinese roots, and taste like a homey meal wrapped into a little nugget of goodness. 


Through Honest Dumplings, founders Ray and Chris hope to inspire people to take risks, follow their passions, and live honestly. Their dumplings are not just food, but soul food on a mission to encourage and inspire people to live their dreams. 



Honest in All things

Not only is Honest Dumplings on a mission to motivate people to pursue their passions, but they also aspire to be honest in all aspects of their company, including their ingredients. Honest Dumplings do not use any additives or preservatives in their dumplings, just good, old fashioned, high quality ingredients. The dough is always made from scratch, and coloured using vegetables such as beets, carrots, and cabbage. Although it would often be easier to use ingredients that are more convenient, Honest Dumplings is unwilling to compromise on the quality of their ingredients and the overall product they put out to customers. So, when you buy Honest Dumplings, you can be confident that you know exactly what you are getting, and exactly what is going into your belly! Yum!


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Festival of Flavours

Many of the flavours at Honest Dumplings are inspired by the delicious home cooking of Ray Ma’s childhood, while other flavours are new, innovative and like nothing you have ever had before. Ray’s personal favourite is the maple pork belly, reminiscent of a dish her dad often made when she was growing up, and one of Honest Dumplings first flavours. A newer fan favourite is their mouth-watering mushroom dumplings, and if you’re looking for some variety, be sure to pick up their best-selling Herbivore Variety Pack! No matter which flavour you choose, your taste buds are sure to be delighted!



Ray Ma’s Tips for Living Honestly

• Be honest with yourself – accept that things cannot always be perfect, and that you are always learning and growing, but do not give up.

• Stick to your guns – don’t compromise on your values and standards, live life with integrity.

• Communicate openly and honestly.



Honest Dumplings

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