While all the festivity and indulgence of the holiday season is definitely fun, it can really mess up your previously healthy routine, leaving you feeling a little…blah. This January, we’re here to help you with your holiday recovery. Reset your healthy habits, rethink your self-care routine, and renew your commitment to feeling awesome! We’re sharing our favourite tips to help you get back on track for the new year:


#1 Cleanse

While we all know cleanses are not a magic bullet for wellness, they can help you reset your healthy habits after the over-the-top indulgence of the holiday season. Take a day (or three) to shake any unhealthy habits, and start the holiday recovery with a clean slate.



#2 Sleep

One of the best things you can do for your body is getting enough sleep, but the often late (and even more often boozy) nights that come with the holidays mean that a quality night of sleep is hard to come by. Now’s the perfect time to get your sleep schedule back on track. Check out this guide to have the best sleep of your life!


#3 Meal-Prepping

Having your meals planned and prepped in advance is hands-down the easiest way to make sure you’re eating right, and to avoid eating an entire block of cheese for dinner because you came home starving and it didn’t seem like there were any other options. Not that I’m speaking from experience…

Start with these 5 easy foods, and eventually, you’ll be meal prepping like a pro! If you need some inspiration, see how one busy Spud mom uses meal planning to keep her family eating healthy (and to help keep her sane).


#4 Gut Check

Your gut is the control centre for many of your body’s processes, so keeping it in tip-top shape is key. Things like lack of sleep, not getting enough exercise, and a poor diet (AKA the holiday season) can take a toll on your gut health, so make sure your gut gets some love during your holiday recovery. Not sure what that means? Start here with our intro to gut health and check out our top 5 favourite fermented foods.


#5 De-Stress

After a holiday season spent focusing on others, it’s time to look after your own needs! No, it’s not selfish – it’s self-care, and it’s super hot right now. Carve out some time to relax your way, whether that means meditating, taking a hot bubble bath, or going for a long hike. Check out some of our favourite ways to take care of ourselves!



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