5 Ways To Prepare A Holiday Dinner For Two

Many of us go to family gatherings during holidays and have a big turkey dinner with a smorgasbord of side dishes. And although there’s something extra rewarding about enjoying a festive dinner constructed by collaborative team effort, there may be a time where you also want to enjoy a more intimate dinner for two on a separate occasion, or perhaps if you just prefer to have a quiet dinner one year.

The one issue with cooking a festive dinner for two is that, well, it’s hard to cook. Having a table full-sized turkey and eight side dishes isn’t exactly doable or consumable with two stomachs. And that’s not even including the desserts! Don’t panic just yet though, as there are many smart tactics you can employ to enjoy a holiday dinner for two.



1. Don’t cook a whole turkey.

The obvious one is to not cook a whole turkey because even the smallest one you can find is usually at least nine to ten pounds. Opt for a whole chicken and cook it the exact same way you would with a whole turkey: the stuffing, the herbs, and the roasted vegetables. You can also choose to cook just a cut of the breast (chicken or turkey) and have more room for sides and desserts!


2. Make lighter side dishes.

I would tell you to cut down the sides, but what is a holiday dinner without sides? Pure blasphemy. Rather, make a lighter side that will allow you to have more room for the main course! These recipes are also perfect if you’re trying to eat healthier… or if you just want more desserts–whatever floats your boat!

3. Make new recipes with your leftovers.

If you’re really set on having a roasted whole turkey, however, be sure to have recipes ideas ahead of time to make with leftovers! The worst thing is opening a fridge full of leftovers and having no idea what you’re going to do with it all, especially when you’re not a fan of eating the same thing over and over for an entire week. If you haven’t given it much thought yet, check out some of our holiday leftover recipes you might not have tried yet.

4. Don’t rule out ready-to-eat foods.

Premade foods can be perfect and convenient when you’re preparing for a small number of people. There are a lot of gourmet premade options available, which makes it perfect for those who don’t cook often or wouldn’t be using a lot of ingredients required to make certain holiday recipes later on.


5. Make a vegducken!

This vegetarian main event will appeal to even meat lovers. The best part is that it is much easier to pick produce items that are smaller and customize the portions than it is to find a smaller bird to devour. The vegducken is the perfect dish to satisfy your appetite, and you can still make your side dishes more meat-based if that’s what you’re craving.

6. Order part of the dinner

Take the stress out of cooking and enjoy a quiet night in! Order some of our full-feast sides to make a full meal! Or pair it with a small chicken or vegetarian roast for two. Check out the options with the link below.


Are you planning on having a holiday dinner for two? Share with us your favourite recipes and strategies!

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