Happy Earth Day! Since we last celebrated this day, we’ve discussed a lot of topics related to sustainability. Our goal with these blogs was to educate our community about what actions have the largest environmental impact and offer ways to be part of the solution. Some topics that we covered generated significantly higher engagement by our readers than others – whether that be liking or sharing the article on social media or the number of email responses our author received. In celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to bring back the top 5 most talked about articles to spark these conversations again. Let us know what you think!


1. Let’s Have the Sensitive, but Important Talk About the ‘M’ Word


Food can be a sensitive conversation because what we eat reflects our values, tradition, privilege, health, and understanding about our food’s impact on people and planet. This is especially true about the “m” word: meat. In this blog, we overviewed the impact of meat consumption. We also later wrote a follow up piece that covered a different angle of the conversation. What do you think?



2. Are you a Wishcycler?


As much as we may wish recycling wasn’t so complicated, unfortunately most of the time it can be. With lack of easy access to information, a lot of us find ourselves hovering over our various waste baskets, with an item in hand, wondering what to do with it. In this blog, we explain what a wishcycler is and provide a printable chart to help you with waste management.



3. It’s Not A Plant or Animal, But This Food Is Changing Our World


Cultivated since 600AD, covering the earth’s landscape, and eaten almost every week, this food is changing our world and yet most of us don’t know much about it. To learn more, you’ll have to read the article…



4. We Already Have The Solution To Our Plastic Problem


Single-use packaging is piling up everywhere. In response, communities, governments and businesses are looking for innovative ways to address this rising concern- from engineering new plastics that are made from plants to improving our recycling streams, but are we over-complicating the issue? We think so.



5. 20 Sustainability Challenges To Try In 2020


As we all adjust to new lifestyles due to the impacts of COVID-19, why not pick up some more sustainability-oriented habits? Check out our list for some inspiration to get you started!


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