It’s no secret that we’re all obsessed with green juices. We’ve tried online recipes, and without a doubt we’ve created our own favourite through trial and error. But there is one juice that is on the rise in the realm of healthy and beauty–the aloe vera juice.

While many of us think of aloe vera as a topically applied ingredient, this hardy plant has actually been consumed for more than five thousand years since Ancient Egypt, where it was known as the plant of immortality.

With benefits on heart health, the digestive system, anti-ageing, and the immune system, it’s not hard to see why this tropical plant has been bequeathed such a hefty title. So maybe it’s really time to adopt the aloe vera juice into your diet.

1. Heart Health

A clinical study on 5000 patients with atheromatous heart disease in the medical journal “Angiology” revealed that aloe vera may benefit those with high cholesterol levels by decreasing lipids, which accumulates within arteries[i]. Clearing the arteries of degenerative material improves circulation within the body. While the study concluded that the reasons for the improvements are still to be determined, it may be largely due to the high fibre content.

2. Digestive System

From constipation, stomach lining issues, IBS, to stomach ulcers, aloe vera has shown promising results in multiple studies[ii][iii]. Aloe vera is known for its supreme anti-inflammatory and healing properties that extend well within the body and the digestive system.

3. Anti-Ageing

We all know that collagen plays an essential role in keeping our skin healthy, but what does aloe have to do with collagen exactly? It turns out that aloe vera helps stimulate the fibroblast, which is the catalyst in collagen production. Aloe vera also provides 20 of 22 human-required amino acids, which help soften hardened skin. And of course, its well-known moisturizing properties improves dry skin conditions, skin integrity, and the appearance of wrinkles. So keep applying aloe vera topically, but know that it could be even better when consumed as juice.

4. Immune System

This may be a surprise for many, but aloe vera indeed provides benefits for our immune system. The tropical plant is loaded with enzymes, and one in particular called bradykinase helps stimulate the immune system. Along with zinc, which is also present in aloe vera and is a key component for hormone receptors and proteins, the two nutrients work to maintain a healthy immune system to protect our body from bacteria, diseases, and cell damages.

Supplement Risk

From research this topic, we have found various studies mentioning the implications that aloe vera, like various herbal supplements, may have when taken with prescriptions and medications. The effects are supposedly mild, but drug effects may be mitigated, so avoid consuming aloe vera and medication at the same time!

Have you tried aloe vera juice? Share with us your thoughts and whether or not it works for you!

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