9 Things to Do for Mother’s Day

9 things you can do this Mother’s Day

Show your mom how much you love her and are thankful for all that she does for you. Every year the struggle is real, “What do I get mom for Mother’s Day?”. You can always put your new skills to the test, like baking her a loaf of sourdough or painting her a watercolour portrait, but if that is not your thing, we have put together some wonderful things you can do for Mom this Mother’s Day! 

At-home spa 

Why not bring the spa to Mom. We have a bubble bath, a great face mask from Acure, and great essential oils. All these items reduce the stress of every day. You can always make your own as well with these 5 DIY kitchen beautician face masks. 


Toast your mom with some wine. There are lots of local wineries available on Spud. If you are living together (and of drinking age), set the table, dish out some of your favourite cheese and crackers and pour yourself some wine. Swirl, smell and taste and chat about the flavours and notes that you can pick out of this glass of wine. If you are living in different homes, order a bottle for her and one for you then schedule a facetime call!

A video telling her all the reasons you love her  

Record a special message for your mom that she can watch over and over. Tell her your favourite memory and why you are thankful for her. See our message to our Mom’s


Send a home-baked treat

Kids of all ages can put their baking skills to the test. We have connected recipes to help you out, vegan treats, gluten-free cookies, or a pie! Whatever you make her she will love. 

Local goodies

If you can’t get to her favourite local boutique, shop all our local vendors! We have some fantastic products from vendors that are moms too. Check our K’pure, East Van jam, Drizzle, Ellie Bianca, and more; moms founded these amazing local vendors! 

High tea from home 

Prepare or send your mom some scones, mini sandwiches, and fresh fruit, grab some loose-leaf tea and enjoy an at-home high tea over a polite conversation with Mom. Spending time with Mom is the best gift you can give. Can’t do it in person? Pick a time, between the traditional high teatime of 5 pm and 7 pm and call her up over zoom or skype and enjoy some tea with Mom. 

home gardening tips

Gardening goodies 

Spring is in the air, and what is better than growing your own flowers and produce. If your Mom has a green thumb, add some gardening supplies into your next delivery and give the gift that keeps on giving! 

Online courses

A new skill is always fun to learn, and there are lots of online fun courses available right now—everything from cheese pairing to online nutrition courses, cooking class, and online workouts. Grab a spot for both you and Mom and learn something new together. 

Snack box 

Sweet or salty, how about both! Spud.ca recently launched the snack boxes. You can buy one for yourself, send one to your mom or donate one to the community.  


What are you doing for Mom this year? 




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