At Spud we know who touches your produce, and they wear gloves.

Have you ever walked down a grocery produce aisle and seen someone touch an apple they don’t buy, maybe pick up a pear to test its ripeness, or sniff a plum before placing it back on the shelf? Perhaps you can even attest to doing this yourself at the grocery store. Imagine now how many people do this in any given hour, day or week at your local supermarket. Imagine how many people have touched the apples you later buy for your kids to eat.

It is usually more people than you could imagine. At Spud we know who touches your produce, and they wear gloves.

Unlike a traditional grocery store, we do not carry massive amounts of displayed produce that is constantly prodded, probed, and touched by strangers. At Spud one person touches your produce, and they wear gloves.

Manhandling is not the only contamination issue produce faces, so are pesticides. Non-organic produce are encased with chemicals that repel bugs, but are also incredibly harmful for humans. These chemicals, when ingested are poisonous and toxic.

At Spud we provide local and organic produce that are sourced and picked just hours before being shipped to your home or office. Our produce are not washed in chemicals and have no toxins on their skins. Get your food fresh from the farmer, delivered straight to your door!

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