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10 Facts About The Juice Box’s Fruits & Veggies

Our organic cold pressed juicing vendor The Juice Box makes some beautiful juices packed with nutritional value.  SPUD’s staff loves their juices, and we’re passionate about spreading the word about the value of juicing using organic produce.


10 Facts About Our Fruits & Veggies

By The Juice Box

The Juice Box is Vancouver's premier organic cold-pressed raw juice company.

  • Cucumber

    By The Juice Box

    A super hydrator & excellent provider of Vitamin K, which is essential in assisting in blood clot formation.  Our Cucumber and Orange Cucumber juices are just the ticket for keeping your blood happy.

  • Tumeric, An Ancient Root With Holistic Properties

    By The Juice Box

    Provides digestive support as well as acting as a potent anti inflammatory, our Tumeric Tonic truly kicks butt.

  • Beets Help Detoxify Your Body

    By The Juice Box

    Our HeartBeet juice is highly cleansing and detoxifying, while purifying the blood.

  • Reduce Inflammation With Fennel

    By The Juice Box

    An anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory vegetable, fennel is also a great source of fibre. Try our Apple Fennel Cucumber for a taste of fennel in your diet.

  • Regulate Blood Sugar With Carrot Juice

    By The Juice Box

    Filled with Vitamin A, and other detoxifying agents. If our pure Carrot juice is too intense, grab our Carrot Orange Ginger.

  • Yams Help Control Cholesterol

    By The Juice Box

    A provider of potassium to aid digestion and helps control cholesterol, our IYam is an ideal flavour combination.

  • Ginger Is A Natural Digestive Aid

    By The Juice Box

    A natural anti-inflammatory and digestive aid, ginger is great in the morning, afternoon or evening!

  • Enjoy Anti-Oxidants In Apples

    By The Juice Box

    Low in the glycemic index and offering anti-oxidant properties, our Apple Fennel Cucumber is a great option for curbing those 3PM sugar crashes.

  • Stimulate Your Appetite With Parsley

    By The Juice Box

    Parsley may help stimulate appetite and improve digestion. You can find parsley in our Light Green, Deep Green and HeartBeet.

  • Detoxify With Tumeric

    By The Juice Box

    Considered to be the most potent anti-inflammatory in the food world, tumeric also blood purifying and detoxifying effects.

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